Opening automatic production line in Ghazaliya cylinder gas plant in 1200 cards per hour

2016/9/20 22:11

[Oan- Baghdad]

He opened the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for the gas industry, Hamid Younis, on behalf of the Minister of Oil for automatic production of plant gas line Ghazaliya west of Baghdad in 1200 with a production capacity liquid gas cylinder per hour.

He said Younis, according to a ministry statement, said that "the plant will produce during a single meal, which is 8 hours [10] Thousands of liquid gas cylinder," noting that "cadres Gas Filling Company completed the laboratory automatic advanced to mobilize Algazalesail monument, instead of hand-packing in the gas plant Ghazaliya. "

He added that "the opening of the plant will increase production, in addition to achieving high safety and quality in the gas filling, as well as citizens equipped with gas cylinders is characterized by high technical standard specifications."

Younis pointed out that "the plant which was inaugurated today is the seventh of its kind in Baghdad, which is converted to mechanical plant, which is part of the ministry's plan to change all the hand-gas plants for automatic plants for the purpose of improving product quality and equipped for the citizens."

He said, "There are eight other labs are working on them for the purpose of completion and converted coefficient automatic," noting that "The ministry also will establish a coefficient automatic to fill gas in the provinces, where they will be the opening of automatic plant in Baquba, in Diyala province, and another in the province of Muthanna."

For his part, ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said converting gas filling coefficient of the manual to automatic will boil down to the time and effort and many funds.

He added that "the ministry is seeking to convert all its plants to an automatic format to keep pace with global technology filling gas cylinders process.

The oil ministry is direct 51 laboratories for government administration and also supervises the 197 plants belonging to the private sector.