Iraq stresses in the New York meetings on trial Daesh
[Where - Baghdad]
Iraq stressed in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations , which was held at UN headquarters in New York to provide Daesh terrorist gangs to justice.
A statement by the Office of the Iraqi Foreign Minister , received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari participated in the meeting on bringing Daesh gangs to justice , which was held at United Nations Headquarters in New York, stressed during a speech on the need to consider takfiri thought, and the Platform for atonement , barbaric practices taken by Daesh gangs terrorist crimes against humanity, and help Iraq regain control of the territory in which occurred genocide and egregious violations of human rights against the Iraqi people from the Yazidi ingredients, Christian and Turkmen Shiites and the Shabak, and others.
He stressed the cooperation in arrest Daesh guerrilla leaders, and bring them to justice, and to invite countries that belong to foreign terrorists who committed these crimes pursuing them, and arrest and trial.
He called the international community by making the maximum amount of assistance; reintegration and rehabilitation of victims of terrorism, excessive violence visits Others in the community through rehabilitation programs, and training; to enable them to get rid of the effects of psychological distress, and physical that befell them.
among Jaafari in his speech: that Iraq is studying international mechanisms, and national occasion to bring violators of human rights against the components of Iraqi society are brought to justice, and that he will consult with partners for the realization of justice, and to bring them to the competent courts, noting: that Iraq is facing a fierce and unprecedented waves of violence by Daesh terrorist gangs that target on a daily basis all sects, and its components, and the composition of population, and aims to destabilize, and the dismantling of national unity, and to ignite the flames sedition among Iraqis, and dissemination of extremist ideas far, and contrary to the principles of the Islamic religion, and the nature of humanity.
He said according to the statement that "Daesh crimes included all the sons of Iraq without exception, and I would like to tell you that there are girls Bwacr Shi'a were raped, and Hrgahn They neighborhoods on a scene from the people in Tal Afar, and Nadia Murad phenomenon Yazidi are displayed all Iraqi women were raped, and I hope to condense all of our efforts, and we enter into practical steps, and that Iraq was progressing in cooperation with the international community to stop these crimes , stressing that the Iraqi Foreign speech and all of you are witnesses not without mention of the Yazidis, and violations poured on women, children, and society Yezidi in Sinjar, and other areas.