Vice criticizes countless appointments in the budget of 2017 of certain sectors

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Criticized committee member services representative for the Kurdistan Alliance Beeston fair, countless appointments in the budget of 2017 on health, security and defense, education, stressing the lack of proper planning in Iraq for the distribution of posts.

Adel said in a statement that "the lack of planning in general in Iraq led to a rise in unemployment as a result of countless appointments to particular sectors and leave the other sectors, without interest and without an assessment of the certificates of study."

He stressed that "there has to be planning a number of students in colleges and institutes annually, compared to creating job opportunities for them these terms of reference, but confined to those ministries will just give the impression is not good and would go to these colleges for the purpose of appointment only, as will the other of negligence."

Just to called that "there is a balance and plan for this subject because there are terms of reference need each ministry service in the country and the resort of students to the health, security and defense and the colleges of education will generate considerable momentum and lack of admission and neglect in the other colleges."

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