Agriculture: 2017 aldobas insect eradication, palms Iraq produced 670 thousand tons of dates

Tue, 20 Sep 2016 10:37:19

The Ministry of agriculture confirmed Tuesday that next year would see the Elimination of aldupas bug affecting palms, explained that Iraq's production of dates reached 670 thousand tonnes per year, with the private sector need dates processing and packaged before export.

He said the Ministry's technical agent Mahdi Ligature Qaisi reporters, that "rising export Iraqi dates out back for the Ministry's success in combating the scourge of aldobas settlement in Palm trees since 1922 until 2014 by spraying the trees in spring and autumn with botanical extracts and environmentally friendly pesticides and thus be improved and production of Palm and its fruit", "eliminate the scourge of aldobas over the next year."

He said kaissi, the Palm Setup started to rise and an appetite for expansion on this national wealth and that there are some investors want to create palm groves, "Noting that" Iraq's production of dates ranging from 650-670 thousand tons annually in 2015. "

Qaisi asked the private sector to "intensify its efforts in the field of dates that are not exported without packaging, to avoid exporting Iraqi dates with the names of other countries working to fill", stating that "productive process however, peasant and farmer and investor, while the Ministry Advisory and research and service operations.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced in 2010 on developing a strategic plan for the next 10 years to reach the 30 million palm cultivation in all Iraqi provinces.

Aldupas bug affecting the Palm trees, suck plant juices side green turns to yellow, so say the metabolism, they secrete a sticky pin it be middle ground suitable for the growth of mold and fungus, which weakens the growth side and may lead to death, adding that citrus trees grown under palm trees are also affected by this disease.

Palm trees are also to Humera bug that attack fruits in the first growth stage as well as at some point (defects) and unripe dates, added to the stage (wet) and the ripe dates.