General company for cement production from the packing put crude salt in local markets

Iraqi Cement State company announced a Ministry of industry and minerals on the packing of production put crude salt to local markets.

Industry Ministry statement quoted today I got news "economy" "company's crude lab involved in Holy Karbala is the only plant in Iraq, which specializes in production of crude material that used raw material in the production of bricks and lime walthrmstone add to multiple uses in the manufacture of paints and water treatment and industrial waste as well as the intermediate material uses in other industries.

"The company floated the packing production after packing line to meet the needs of the domestic market, especially after a Cabinet decision to prevent importing articles walnorh cement from abroad, pointing out that a plant producing crude salt is one of the finest species in the world and feature high quality due to reliance on the horizontal way/ovens/in production unlike other States that vertical method.

Shammari said "Iraqi Cement State company renewed through its Director General Nasser Idris as President of civil association of cement manufacturers Iraq pledge and commitment of local market need coverage Assembly of cement walnorh of the highest quality and the highest standards and not to raise prices in any way.