Planning: Iraq will soon negotiate with Britain about the loan of 13 billion dollars

2016/9/20 12:21

[Oan- Baghdad]

Reveal Planning Minister, Salman al-Jumaili, from near the start of negotiations with Britain over granting Iraq a loan of 10 billion pounds [more than $ 13 billion.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Jumaili "received at his office in Baghdad envoy British Prime Minister for Trade, Baroness Emma Nicholson, executive director of the Iraqi Council of businessman British and her accompanying delegation, which included a group of senior businessmen and heads of companies non-governmental organizations in various fields, and discussed with him and discuss a number of issues and files related to the development of mutual cooperation between the two countries especially in the areas of investment and access for British companies to work in Iraq. "

The Minister of Planning during the meeting, according to the statement, that "the current crisis faced by the country prompted the Ministry of Planning and in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers about to go to a partnership with local and foreign private sector, especially in the field of completion of investment projects that have stopped because of the crisis and the process requires real partners to move forward the completed because of their importance as they represent an important output of the economy and built the productivity in the future. "

And between, "The ministry in this context is working to develop mechanisms and frameworks governing the partnership with the private sector are trying through which to find a suitable environment for real investment," he said. "There are more than four thousand continuous investment project can be part of a future partnership with the local private sector projects or foreign having the correct mechanisms in this area mode. "

He Jumaili "Partnering with a very important private sector and create a network of interests relations which are reflected on the political relations," stressing that "the support and the adoption of the government to this trend aware of the role of the private sector and encourage him to bring in international partners It is certain that the British partners will have a key role in the reconstruction process, to a depth of bilateral relations between the two countries. "

The Minister of Planning, said that "the ministry concerned with the government's investment profile and has a follow-up of all the projects included in the investment program and through the CSO we get indications that the Asasaha is directed development plans in the country," calling for British companies, to "see the development priorities in Iraq in order to you can choose the appropriate opportunities for investment. "

He stressed that "the Iraqi government to go in the implementation of investment projects to international partners from private companies sober and not state-owned companies."
And through the Minister of Planning for "satisfaction with the visit and fruitful results of the presence of this number of large companies and the men of the British businessman who showed their willingness to engage as partners in the implementation of investment projects in Iraq," adding that "the coming days will witness the start of negotiations with the British government on the granting of Iraq loan of 10 billion pounds, "returned the loan" a gateway for British companies to invest in Iraq. "

For its part praised Baroness Emma Nicholson, the solid-British relations - Iraq in all fields, especially in the economic side, "noting that" this meeting is of great significance for British member companies in the Iraqi Business Council - the British and the council has nothing to do with politics but is a specialist, commercial and investment realization ".

She drew Nicholson to "the formation of a new government in Britain is working to develop trade relations with all countries, including Iraq and the development of foreign relations, especially after the exit from the European Union and there are Two ministries, one focused on the subject of secession from the European Union and the second dealing with the files of trade and investment around the world."

As expressed by representatives of companies and businessmen who attended the meeting, "expressed their willingness to enter as partners for the implementation of investment projects in Iraq in the areas of security technologies, construction and urban design and execution of contracts and commercial arbitration and engineering design and implementation of services and infrastructure projects, strategic planning and others."

The two sides agreed at the end of the meeting, for, according to the statement "open channels of communication in order to provide the appropriate conditions and environment to build a partnership with the British private sector companies under the flag of Iraq - British Business Council."

The Iraqi cabinet decided at its 26 in July, to approve the move in a proceeding in the loan agreement with the British government in the amount of ten billion pounds only and the formation of a committee to negotiate and submit a draft negotiating to Cabinet fundamentalist, to be added Basra province to the mentioned Committee on project scarcity and water desalination. "