Eliminating explains why the implementation of the amnesty law before it was published in the Official Gazette

Twilight News / A spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar general amnesty law provided for the implementation of pre-publication in the Official Gazette.
He said in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, said the Amnesty Law No. (27) for the year 2016 text to be implemented from the date of approval of the House of Representatives on 08.25.2016. He added that "Article 129 of the Constitution stipulates that laws shall be published in the (Official Gazette) and operates from the date of publication unless the law provides otherwise," noting that "the amnesty law stipulates that implements the law from the date of approval in the 25/8 / 2016 ". "The Article 14 of the General Amnesty Law referred to states that does not function any provision inconsistent with the provisions of this law. And that Article 15 of the law stipulates (the Supreme Judicial Council to issue instructions to facilitate the implementation of this law), stressing that "this means that the Supreme Judicial Council has carried out the constitutional obligation and legal contained in Articles 129 of the Constitution, and (15) of the Act Bayraktar said that "the lack of issuing instructions of the Supreme Judicial Council on enforcement of the law means a breach of constitutional and legal obligation."