Sovereign guarantee the most important investment incentives

9/20/2016 0:00

In order to attract international companies specialized

BAGHDAD Hussein Tgb

The private sector continue to provide solutions to overcome the lack of liquidity problems caused by the decline of oil prices in world markets, and work to mitigate the effects of this ongoing problem with the present proposals are a starting point for future development stage, despite the big challenges.

Economist Abbas Shamara said in an interview with «morning« that economic development requires the creation of a skilled human resources could deal with the evolving technology in all sectors, pointing out that the recruitment of international experiences in the service of the Iraqi economy has become a requirement for most economists and interested.

Economic relations

Shamara said that Iraq demands the expansion of foreign economic relations and building bridges of genuine cooperation of mutual benefit with the basis of which the major industrialized nations, which represents the twenty biggest player for the sectors of industry and the oil in the world, indicating the importance of communication with the Regional Ocean and establish new agreements achieved economic feasibility for both parties.

Sovereign guarantee

He stressed the importance of the need for the Iraqi government heads to open individual dialogues with major regional states to proceed with the signing of bilateral agreements which secure investment and investors and all of their investments in Iraq, and the two governments Almtafqatan provide a sovereign guarantee for any strategic investment in any country so that investors reassured on their investments, stressing the need the two governments undertake through offices that are opened in the countries concerned and through the single-window overcoming any obstacle or any forms, such that the time factor is one of the most important things that must observed.

The single window within the approved Investment Law No. 13 of 2010, as amended, and the need to do a way that attracts international companies that owns the funds and advanced technology.

Projects proposed

He pointed out that the developed world has the specialized companies in the implementation of certain acts without the other would prefer to build bridges of cooperation with them, noting the importance of the agreement with the company to evaluate the proposed projects that could represent the beginning of the way large and comprehensive development process, that those companies have and the experiences of experience in all countries of the world , as agreed with the studies and evaluation company to ensure the guaranteed benefit from the proposed project and be sober and specialized institution.

A sophisticated effort

Shamara between Iraq puzzling to choose the companies that fit the reality and really important for the Iraqi economy and needs must open the door of cooperation and partnership with such a sophisticated effort to the benefit of Iraq, pointing to the possibility of communicating with more than 130 company specializing around the world implement projects according to international specifications away from all forms manipulation is a new port project's success to her career and reputation around the world element.

Evolutionary step

He stressed the need to make efforts to encourage the presence of these companies to Iraq, favorable climate, which has the elements of attraction for attracting and saving, as well as the necessity that this trend parallels the developmental step comprehensive human resources through a highly trained and professional experiences under the supervision

Shamara and the need to benefit from international funds that Iraq was the owner of the lead-founded and supplying them with the necessary money, which supports development programs in human development, and to establish through the preparation is able to manage the training and qualification of local talent process in accordance with the highest local expertise Levels.