Iraq and Venezuela sign agreement to support diplomatic action

Monday, September 19 2016 - 21:09

Iraq and Venezuela sign agreement to support diplomatic action
Conclude Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a visit to Venezuela and to represent Iraq at the summit meetings of the leaders and the heads of the Movement of Non-Aligned seventeen meet with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delsey Gomes Rodrigues and Minister of Energy Venezuelan Oolckheo del Pino.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement that "the two sides discussed during the meeting highlighted the issues that concern the two countries and ways to strengthen cooperation in all fields, the meeting also witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement that will support the diplomatic work between Baghdad and Caracas."

The al-Jaafari, "Iraq's desire to establish better relations with various countries of the world to activate common interests and face common dangers," stressing "the importance of coordination in international fora, and the United Nations, working to promote a culture of dialogue and peace, and to ensure the restoration of security and stability in the countries of the world ".

The foreign minister called "the Venezuelan side to the concerted efforts of oil-producing countries to determine the ceiling of production, and to ensure that high oil prices." From her part, Venezuelan Foreign Minister of her country's desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Iraq, pointing out the necessity of investment relations, and discuss ways to stop the decline in oil prices. "