Reduced planning 47 trillion dinars from 1600 cancelled projects including customizations


The Iraqi planning Ministry revealed Monday, enabling them to cut 47 trillion dinars from the amount allocated to the projects after deleting or postponing 1600 of which were planned for 2014, while the CBI appeal bond allocation to contractors after its suspension at the request of some provinces.

And the planning Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi, in a statement, that "about 6100 draft was going before a crisis year 2014, including continuing very low achievement rates, or not achieved or did not begin primarily", noting that "the Ministry proceeded to reprioritizing the projects difficult to secure the amounts necessary to implement it.

Hindawi said that the initial "was given to feasibility and service projects for importance to citizens, and in coordination with relevant ministries and provincial councils," Noting that it "has led to delete some projects or defer many of them until the customizations, reduced by 40% to 4500 only."

Hindawi said that "these projects amounts reduced to 120 supposedly secure 73 trillion dinars for current and future projects," revealing "resume delivery contractors ' dues in several provinces after its suspension at the request of their provinces.

Hindawi stressed that "the Central Bank is handing the contractors ' bonds as tables that advertised on their website.

The Cabinet was approved in fall (14 June 2016), contractors ' dues by 50% as a down payment, and report the implementation chapter of the general budget for the year 2016 to the Sejm.