Jamal Muhammadawi warns of loss Southern Fertilizer plant more than twenty billion dinars

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MP for the province of Basra beauty Muhammadawi called on the government to instruct the Ministry of Agriculture for the purchase of urea fertilizer stocks jammed in Southern Fertilizer Company stores damaged by the company and suffered heavy material losses. He said in a statement issued by the Information Office today, "said South Fertilizer Company has a stockpile estimated at / 40 / thousand tons of urea fertilizer at a cost of / 20 / billion dinars, which is prone to damage in the stores due to adverse weather conditions, and the increasing humidity in the province of Basra." He Muhammadawi "The contracting company with the Ministry of Agriculture to buy its product, but the ministry buys compost material from foreign companies, leaving local product which is characterized by good quality and low prices compared with foreign product." He continued, "The survival of these large quantities valuable company stores will cause Pfsadha, as well as the depletion of financial Rshehadacharkh, which will cause it to stop production lines and depriving the country of the additional resources to supply the state budget." He called on the government to encourage national product and stop importing fertilizer from abroad, to be co-ordination between the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry to import specific quantities to meet the country's need of fertilizer. " He pointed to the existence of other problems plaguing the company is a lack of financial liquidity resulting from the delayed disbursement of dues by the Agricultural Bank, which invoke the lack of funds, which reflected negatively on the company's business.