Conflict between the political blocs on the chairmanship of the popular crowd parliamentary and other refuse formed

MP announced that a coalition of state law Zainab Arif Basri, of the existence of a political struggle between the blocks for the post of chairman of the parliamentary popular crowd, while suggesting to the rejection of some of the blocks and the presence of the Commission for the crowd.

The visual, "The House of Representatives voted in the month of October 2015, on the formation of a parliamentary committee of popular mobilization of its mission the attention of all the things the crowd and trying to enact a law for them," indicating that "the committee members of all the political blocs did quorum completed to choose a president have planned."

Basri, adding that "the Commission did not hold a meeting since the decision to set up until now," attributing the cause to "the existence of a conflict between the blocks on the presidency of the Commission and all you want to block this position," according to what I said Alsumaria News.

She said, "Another reason is that some some political blocs rejecting that there will be a parliamentary committee on behalf of the popular crowd."

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives agreed on 29 September 2015, to form a committee in parliament, the popular crowd, dealing with the protection forces of the crowd and the media to facilitate the requirements.