Abdallahaan: air raid on Syrian forces revealed the intentions of America

He said Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Shura Council of the Islamic Iran in international affairs Hossein Amir Abdallahaan, that the US air raid on Syrian forces revealed the intentions of the Americans.
During a meeting with the Syrian ambassador in Tehran Sunday said Amir Abdallahaan, said the air attack , which was carried out by American fighters against Syrian forces , locked in the war against terrorism, has revealed US intentions embedded more and more.
He said, we strongly condemn this act in the US military does not consider it a mistake.
He Amir Abdallahaan, that the White House does any action to weaken Syria and strengthen the armed gangs and terrorist groups irresponsible.
Special Adviser to the Islamic Shura Council in international affairs, stressed that the US military presence in Syrian airspace in violation of international law because it is being without the approval of the Syrian government.
He said that Amir Abdallahaan Russia wary of violating covenants and behaviors of America maleficence in Syria and added that the targeting army fought against terrorism serves as a dagger stab in the back and providing support to Daesh.
He said, that America is a violation of the covenants was not limited to the nuclear deal and in Syria were only a few hours on the truce began not go, where the American fighters this time the implementation of a direct attack on the Syrian army in violation of the Russian truce agreement in parallel with American terrorists move.