Deputy responded to the chest: Odharabkm damage to the country reached the stage of prosperity

Saw a member of a coalition of state law , the Attorney Muwaffaq al - Rubaie, said on Monday that calls for a strike consistently under the pretext of the fight against corruption "deterring more than the benefits"; calling cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to reconsider his vision of the fight against corruption, "which has long come and unfortunately backfired threaten blow up the political process. "
He said al - Rubaie , in an interview, said that " the fight against corruption must Alecon price disrupt public life and inciting the masses against the elected government , which provided much of the Iraqi people after they arrived in the country to this level of progress and prosperity in all areas with the exception of some of the aspects that can be addressed over time; either call the masses to strike consistently this approach damaging more than its benefits. "
The current leader Moqtada al - Sadr , "and called for al - Rubaie reconsider the mechanism of anti - corruption pursued because it backfired since the desecration of the House of Representatives and the destruction of public property and assault naked on a number of representatives of the people until the strike consistently , which cost the country huge losses in all sectors; note that many staff were forced to refrain from working because of the pressure exerted on them by the authorities , which organized the strike. "
The chest mobilizing staff, except for the security services for a strike on Sunday and Monday and stay in front of their constituencies for the conduct of emergency and sensitive matters only.
Sadr excluded as well as places of exams for universities and schools , calling people to the hunger strike as well.
Sadr also called for collecting signatures Magdy Rady titled "rotten in the government does not represent me."