Exclusive: Meet the children sniped by “Jaish al-Fatah” terrorists

As we are familiar with one of Fallujah’s physicians (Dr. Ahmad Shahadat), he gave a list of children who were sniped (from 28.02.0216 to 12.09.2016) by a terrorist group called as “Jaish al-Fatah”. The below table represents children’s names and how they were sniped:
Name Age Date Where/How
1 Mohsen Samar Qandil 13 25.02.2016 Chest
2 Shahvad Ahmad Jamal 15 24.03.2016 Knee
3 Ahmad Mehdi Qaddour 15 26.04.2016 Chest
4 Maryam Hossein Astih 12 01.06.2016 Hand
5 Mohammad Hossein Astih 13 01.06.2016 Leg
6 Yasmin Iman Shahadat 7 02.06.2016 Machine Gun
7 Moutie Abdu Hajj Ahmad 1 year and few months 05.06.2016 Face
8 Hassan Ali Sofan 6 15.07.2016 Machine Gun
9 Majd Mahmoud 16 16.07.2016 Hand
10 Ali Mohsen Rahal 14 12.08.2016 Belly
11 Nasr Hossein al-Yousef 16 14.08.2016 Backbone
12 Leis Qiyas Hajj Hassan 5 27.08.2016 Head
13 Mohammad Qiyas Hajj Hassan 7 27.08.2016 Neck
14 Talat Khazravan 14 29.08.2016 Pelvis
15 Haidar Ammar al-Mahmoud Less than 10 15.09.2016 Belly

  1. Children of Iraqi city of Fallujah have been systematically sniped by terrorist groups surrounding the city. They killed innocent children mercilessly and deliberately. One day after the truce in Syria, Jaish al-Fatah issued a statement, ordering not to attack the city any longer.
  2. The last child (Haidar Ammar al-Mahmoud) was sniped exactly 2 days after the truce. In other words, such brutal actions prove Jaish al-Fatah’s lack of commitment. Heidar Zamani was sniped on the way of cemetery.
  3. According to international law and International Criminal Court, targeting civilians has been regarded as a crime against humanity.
  4. It seems that the purpose of such shooting is to train snipers and to take revenge of Syrian army over repeated defeat in the battlefield.
  5. Over the last week, at least 200 civilians were injured and hospitalized due to mortar attacks. It worth mentioning that the exact number of causalities is not obvious. To find it out, contact local officials if possible. Until now, the writer of this article cannot succeed in making any contact with them.
  6. According to the above-mentioned table, 5 children were carried out of the city, 8 children still remain in the city, and 2 children need to be urgently hospitalized.
  7. The article has been submitted to Los Angeles Times. An interview with Dr. Ahmad Shahadat has been scheduled. Notwithstanding the interview has been done by Nabih Bulos, who is a Special Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, but the article has not been published yet.