Commission: Board of Commissioners will change after the current provincial elections

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Electoral Commission announced that the current board of commissioners will change a few months after the provincial elections that will take place in April of next year. A member of the Board of Commissioners in the Commission Safaa al-Musawi's "approach to the news," said Board of Commissioners in the Commission work for five years to continue according to the law, adding that the current responsibility of the Council will end in September of next year after the provincial elections five months. He added that in the last year of the Council competent in the House of Representatives Commission begins announcing for those wishing to run for Council, which consists of nine commissioners, and the right of members of the current board to run the next council. He stressed that there are interviews conducted for applicants to sort the nine independent figures to take up these positions within the democratic process taking place in each time you choose the Board of Commissioners. He warned al-Moussawi said the provinces and the province and district council elections will be the last for the current board of commissioners that any new council, which will then be the House of Representatives elections of responsibility.