where's the solution ?

9/19/2016 0:00

Hussein Tgb
Represents diagnose bugs most important stages to describe the treatment of an actor for the event that has a negative impact on the reality of the situation.

Here we can say: the treatment of «Dutch disease» suffered by Iraq described for years, but the lack of interaction between the stakeholders on the orders of the national economy prevented the correct dosage productive sectors that are the focus of achieving development.

Dutch disease means « the adoption of the country 's economy on a single financial resource and neglect other sectors , » the cure which is described from the field concerned is quite different from what Aocefh academic theorist and find accuracy with those who work in the field and keep on all things and improves choose the right solution to this problem or that.

The requirements of the next stage that the legislator resides and works in the field inside the dome and one to get to the work of mechanisms to help overcome all limitations and be the voice of the field expert influential because he is aware of what is required by stage to activate the production and services.

Fabtaad economists who have keys force among the economic problems does not serve the development process pursued by the country, and must be here from the official close to it to be continuously to make decisions that will achieve economic viability and supports the production process and promote the level of services.

Iraq is a rich country does not need a miracle to develop its economy , but what is owned by the natural resources and human resources enough to be a guarantor of advanced foreign companies because coming to Iraq and contribute to its investments in the comprehensive development process.

The requirements of the current phase is the honest intentions by those in charge of the economy in the public and private sectors to the country and draw the tracks that you check the multiplicity of fiscal revenue as soon as possible beneficiaries of the advantages owned by Iraq's most important sectors , which is that oil is always inexhaustible namely industry, agriculture, tourism , and we desperately need to come together in hands and that the national interest is above all else, and we are working to reduce the external influences on our economy, national.