Parliamentary deal passed the amnesty law and ruled out two copies of the government and the judiciary

2016-09-19 00:03:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Pass President Fouad Massoum defect code named "amnesty law", without stop with caution is required in such cases when the contents of the Bill of materials and results in buildings intersect with the demand of the public for years through demonstrations swept-over a year-most provinces of the country, reform and eradicate the roots of terrorism and corruption, the Alliance and the penetration in all its rickety alladolh ports, becoming its manifestations culture and countered the view the ruling class and its featherless arrow.

Insight into law, which passed the House by extending support doesn't hide the visionary, exposing what recordkeeping mutuality of interests between the forces of corruption and terrorism rooted and the symbiote and switched to laws and measures and frameworks that control every detail of joints that messing with supreme national interests and deepen the ruin and degradation, and turn into a buffer for any serious attempt to dig out the Iraqis the impasse blocking their collar and hope in their faces.

The judicial authority may be Sharpener this time of a wrongdoer responsible for passing the law defect, documents in historical sequence and deliberations between the three authorities in drafting the Bill, which a Court of law, and to some extent the Government and draws arrows explicit accusation towards the legislature, various masses, unless it appears otherwise public attitudes and explicit.

And dared the law "on amnesty" outright its override on the national conscience and national interest and the Constitution to drop the public money thieves and symbols of corruption and fakers documents and certificates and the usurpers and killers from terrorists, it is legally acquitted adjusts their arena as if they have committed the most heinous crimes against the people and the most hurting him and damaging his interests.

Enough public money thieves now return what they stole into the State Treasury to be exempted from the consequences of their crimes and encourage them and others to continue to steal public money, always a general amnesty as in previous several times!.

Even in such a case remain incorrigible theft estimate, and may return it under new corruption cycle where shares his function of issuing and handling pressure to apply it.! The same case applies to terrorists, the law provides for the release of a terrorist was "unconscionable bail not to abandon his", so long as he never had the conditions to murder or precluded from impeding implementation of the murder.

To pass the Bill in the House, on the base of consensus against between blocks at every turn, requires a pause before the country risks and challenges. And "range" heading for the wider public to counteract this flawed law and protest against it and work through the rules for reconsideration and expose the people behind its passage in the House of representatives and now appear.

To illuminate the facts contained in the law, in the contexts noted, devote a channel range today's episode of "NAS" (6 a.m. Baghdad time) to discuss the law with selected specialists, examining what it entails the risk of corruption is dedicated as a reusable and pardoned, and encouragement for terrorist activity and disable cropping justice mechanisms of perpetrators of serious crimes.

The newspaper will publish a "range" of these documents in the number on Tuesday.