Front reform: Abadi negotiating blocs of the new ministers were excluded, despite the wide powers
13:11 pm (Baghdad time)
Special - balances News
MP for the Reform Front, Mohammed al-Tai, Saturday, the Prime Minister Haider Abedi not still adheres quota system because he was born of a "womb."
He said al-Tai's / balances News / "The Abadi Ministers presented technocrats and independent of the political blocs nominations of its leaders, because he is still holding quota system for being born of the" womb ".
He said al-Tai "The prime minister is still negotiating with the blocks for the new ministers were excluded, despite the broad powers possessed by the public and the mandate of the House of Representatives and the reference."
He said the "front Reform MPs stand lookout for all kinds of quotas and the preservation of the icons, to the fact that today the country does not need icons and idols, but needs to pulled him from the harsh reality experienced by the people."
The prime minister has promised to submit a list of new ministers during the meeting that the House of Representatives to be held Tuesday Kadm.anthy