Sadr, describing Maliki: Iraq vendor for terrorism and ineffective popularly
[Oan- Baghdad]
described the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, head of the government of former Prime coalition of state law , ] Nuri al - Maliki as a "salesman Iraq of terrorism , " referring to the fall of the city of Mosul in his hand Daesh terrorist gangs.
Sadr said in response to a question about al - Maliki "contradictory" of Saudi Arabia before the position after he left the presidency of the government , "I do not care Maicol [vendor Iraq of terrorism] , it is not the owner of the decision nor a popular order to be effective."
It is said that the relationship between al - Sadr and al - Maliki experiencing since years of tension and exchange of accusations and some sort of estrangement political differences.