Proposal to approve the foreign remittances Law

9/18/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al - Hashimi
Called for a banking expert Dr. Essam Mohamed for legislation or the adoption of a law on foreign remittances to reduce hard currency out of Iraq without achieving real returns contribute to the achievement of development of the national economy.

He said Muhammad's "morning" that the existence of such a law after studying extensive study will contribute to put the right foundation for trust business real banking, noting that the sale of the dollar at the central bank window allowed for a number of banks that profited them due to remittances and credits, what caused the reluctance of the social role and economic actor in the development process.

He stressed that the legislation conversion law the outside will contribute significantly to reducing tampering without the knowledge economy as it will reflect positively on the citizen by enhancing the likelihood of obtaining loans for the establishment of industrial shops in productive projects, among others.

He stressed the importance of hiring the proceeds of the oil dollar through development programs and other lending adopted by private and government banks under the supervision of the central bank if launches loans or advance for widows and young people and the rest of the categories that can be productive to strengthen the family economy.