Four with explosives in Baghdad from Syria truckloads of tuning in coordination with the security agencies

18/09/2016 13:49

Long-Presse / Baghdad

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, on Sunday, that the security force seized four trucks laden with explosives, south of Baghdad, and as revealed that this truck was coming from Syria and entered the capital in coordination with authorities in Anbar Operations Command compared to 13 thousand dollars for each truck, he stressed drivers were arrested.

The source said in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Rescue Patrol and the Office of inspection for help and supplied intelligence information indicating the entry of four trucks to Baghdad from Syria through smuggling loaded with Syrian origin materials did not know the details," noting that "rescue patrols were able to identify trucks after entering the administrative borders of the capital Baghdad and Mbetha in the parking of vehicles in Dora, south of Baghdad. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "Rescue patrols demanded truckers official papers to show the lack of ownership papers of customs duties was booked trucks with their drivers," he said, adding, "After deeper investigation admitted drivers that were exchanged payloads in the Kilo area 18 in the city of Ramadi with other trucks came from Syria. "

The source continued, that "truck drivers confessed during the preliminary investigation that they were trying to unload the cargo in a beautiful area, east of Baghdad," pointing out that "after examining the payload Bmvarz the (k9) signals indicate the presence of explosive materials inside these trucks appeared."

The source explained, "The truck was passing through checkpoints call from destinations in the Anbar Operations Command versus $ 13 thousand dollars for each truck."

It is noteworthy that Iraq has been witnessing since 2013, a surge in violence, while the declared United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), in (the first of September 2016), killing and injuring more than 1,700 Iraqis incidents of violence witnessed different parts of the country except for Anbar province during the month last August, confirmed that Baghdad was the worst affected by the violence, and with renewed its call for all parties to make every possible effort to protect the lives of civilians, called on Iraqis to "show strength in this general unite the unrelenting violence."