Abbadi consultant: barrel adjusted Monetary Fund under budget to reduce the deficit

Detect financial advisor to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Sunday, holding the IMF amended the barrel under budget to reduce the deficit, noting that Iraq currently sells oil 32 dollars a barrel.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told the International Monetary Fund, which is a prestigious and large international institutions forecast higher oil prices for next year ", stating that" the Fund felt that Iraq is an understatement in the barrel under next year's budget 2017 of 35 dollars a barrel.

Saleh said "Fund felt it possible to modify the price of oil in next year's budget in accordance with these data and to have $ 43 a barrel, and is suitable for average prices of 2017", adding that "raising the oil barrel under budget would reduce the budget deficit and therefore likely not to external borrowing or belittling him greatly."

Saleh noted that the "Fund expected over the next year to rise and flourish oil prices and that don't say Iraq sales of crude oil less than the price of 43 dollars per barrel," pointing out that "Iraq oil currently sells at a price of $ 32 a barrel.