Governor of Basra: 60% of municipal staff do not know how to read and write.

Sunday 18 September 2016-01:06 pm

Governor of Basra revealed Majid Nasraoui about having 60% of the municipality's permanent staffing officers 1981 not good at reading and writing.

Nasraoui said during a press conference attended by a reporter Marbad after his visit to the local Government of Basra municipal service changes in the positions of a number of divisions and sections in the circle.

He added that there are a number of engineers did not properly distribute marginalized what had a negative impact on the work of the municipal departments and divisions which called the local Government to make those changes.

He also noted that cooperation between the former municipal Yen was as nepotism, there are obvious errors and reluctance in a number of sections and divisions of the municipality.

And the future Government of Basra Governor to implement service plans and need staff and qualified cadres.

In turn the Basra municipal Manager said Ismail Jassem to municipal plan includes organizing the agricultural sector and clean rivers and algbaibh get a Cree and other service issues.

He added that the municipality does not intend to terminate the services of some cadres but there will be adjustments and changes in positions and functions.

With the technical adviser for the Basra said Abdul Karim Rumi to municipal Chamber of the circuit party quotas system after 2003 as many government departments and between the allocating circles negatively technical and administrative work and service supposed to citizen.

In the same conversation with conservative associate good Carpenter that local Government found reluctance in all municipal service assigned tasks.

He said that on this basis it is incumbent upon the local Basra Government changes in the positions of Directors of divisions, sections and even managers of cutouts.