Sadik Musawi: footnote Maliki stole half a million dollars in training soldiers of the devil "


In one of the flood of Iraqi politics insiders has been fierce in the era of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki "former leadership Inc" ruwaidhi "that a contract was concluded between him as President of Iraq Foundation for information and international relations and (Hadji) intended to" Maliki " to train a group of students of art industry news and media impressions; the value of sixty thousand dollars, stating his remorse upon the execution of this contract by saying" I regret their training because they became soldiers of Satan. "

"Moussaoui" he received from the Prime Minister's Envoy "Maliki" 50 000 of the total value of the contract to $ 60, 000, only to discover later that the footnote "Maliki" they add zeroes to the cost of the contract to reach forgery 600, 000, 000 us dollars, thus the footnote "Maliki" has stolen $ 550,000 us dollars under the guise of media training in the Enterprise belonging to al-Musawi, who admires (insolent) a footnote in their claim of impartiality.

It is said that the recent sharp undecided between the Congressman and the son of former Prime Minister Hussein Maliki Abu rehab "and former leadership Inc" ruwaidhi "lasted for several hours, was behind the latest revealed this information awaiting legal action which reveals details of this robbery and offenders involved in waste of public money.