Security expert: Battle of Mosul would be "smooth" and joint forces quickly settled

2016-09-18 12:45

Baghdad scales news

Security expert said Fadel Abu loaf, Sunday, the battle of Mosul would be "seamless" and that the joint forces will battle to their advantage.

Abu-balances/loaf, "talking about to battle a complex connector not true at all and there are substantial preparations and Iraqi forces will share various types in operation in addition to clan fighters and sons Mosul, popular crowd and cops."

He added that "the circumstances of the battle are in favor of our security complex will be the ISIS terrorist groups, adding that" intensive intelligence which resulted in air strikes against enemy disconcerted and ISIS sites caused great losses. "

It is said that Nineveh Council, confirmed that the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and several sudden and substantial process of liberation of the city of Mosul, the battle is very close and there are substantial preparations for liberating the city quickly