Announce the availability of 95 degrees and careers campaign graduate degrees

2016/9/18 12:23

[Where - Baghdad]

Announced the Central Technical University, the availability of 95 degrees and careers for appointment to the permanent staffing of the University of higher education, the number of scientific and humanitarian disciplines.

Said university president Majid Hamid Majid, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the grades "divided by 21 degrees and careers to drive a doctorate degree in the disciplines of life sciences, chemistry, nursing, architecture, computing, business administration, accounting, The audio and video, interior design, design and typographic design costumes, sports and education. "

He added that "grades campaign master's degree 74 of their number were distributed to the disciplines of medicine, pharmacy and medical devices dentistry, community medicine, nursing, life sciences, architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, tourism, accounting, law, language, English, Economics and Business Administration and Accounting and internal design, and design scribal and studio ceramics and design fabrics ".

The head of the university to the "presentation is through the University's website by filling out the form on the appointment until the sixth month of next October on the conditions set forth in accordance with the presentation on the university website.