Babel opens "Taha Baqir" Road to promote culture and "love and beauty industry."

17/09/2016 21:49

Long-Presse / Babylon

Counting Writers Iraqis Union, said on Saturday that the opening of "Taha Baqir" street in Hillah, the initiative contribute to the revitalization of the cultural taste of the Babylonian, expressed the readiness of the Union to support every move by the young for the dissemination of culture in Iraq, while intellectuals Babylon said that the launch of the world's archaeological name great message on the street proves the keenness of the people of the province "rumor culture and industry of love and beauty," and confirm that "character is stronger than the bullet."

This came during the opening Taha Baqer Street, near Hilla Museum, downtown, on Thursday evening, in the presence of a large group of intellectuals and interested, and attended (range Press).

The head of the Union of Writers of Iraqis, successful Mamouri, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "Babylon culture illuminated symbols have seen today, the opening of the brand Street Taha Baqir, son of Hilla and large literary symbols, who gave the world the epic of Gilgamesh," returned to "street contributes to the revitalization of the cultural taste of the Babylonians."

The Mamouri, the "ready Writers Union support every move by the young for the dissemination of culture in Iraq."

For his part, Saif al-Husseini, one of the founders, "Taha Baqir" Street, in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The street will be along the lines of Mutanabi in the capital, Baghdad, and that as long as the form of a dream for the youth of Hilla," noting that "the launch of the great archaeological world name Taha Baqer, on the street is a message to prove the Babylonians keen to spread the culture and industry of love and beauty, and confirm that the character is stronger than the bullet. "

The opening ceremony included a variety of events espoused by a group of young intellectuals voluntarily, and included poetry readings by poets maintain, and most notably Muwaffaq Muhammad, Chairman Federation of Writers and writers Iraq, scenes Mime, and shows graphic images and wrote and played and mirth heritage, and the ceremony is free for children.

The Taha Baqer (1912 - 1984), was born in the city of Hilla, Babil province, (110 km south of Baghdad), and is one of the months of Iraqi archaeologists, and his writings value, including the introduction in the history of ancient civilizations, the first partially (Mesopotamia) the second of the Nile valley, and the introduction in the old Iraq, literature, and translation of the epic of Gilgamesh into Arabic.

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