Abdul-Mahdi: the railway is an important factor for unity and economic and social development

2016/9/17 19:40

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} assured the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council leader Adel Abdel Mahdi important railways and trains alone countries, peoples and economic and social development, culture, tourism and the movement of people and goods cost cheap and environmentally friendly.

He said in his speech titled {Baghdad train "fast"} "in 2009 were realized as Vice President and administrator and a deterioration of the rail, and to sensitize public opinion and those responsible for the grave importance of this sector, we used the Baghdad-Basra train entered", adding "in Eid holiday we took Baghdad-Basra train past, having entered the new Chinese train service for almost a year.

He won't talk about distant countries and interest in this sector, but we follow our neighbors like Turkey and Iran and their endeavours in this area. Jordan also allocated 2.8 billion dollars to the national network. And the Gulf up what its value to 200 billion dollars over the next few years for the same purpose.

The railway is an important factor for unity of the countries and peoples and economic and social development, culture, tourism and the movement of people and goods cost cheap and environmentally friendly. Especially that Iraq has known this medium since the ends of the nineteenth century and the South and North are connected, but arrived in the line to Erbil and gradually linked Syria and Turkey, Europe and the Orient Express famous. Already started implementation of the railway project linking Iraq to Medina and Hejaz, but the project was not completed and stops. "

He noted that the new Chinese train speed maximum 160 km/h, but with many interruptions and slow speed because of the State railway and traffic intersections and cities, it must calculate the speed of 50 km/h on average. This very low rate compared to the speed of the train itself, or modern trains.

The train had four degrees. Closet first 2 people. And dreamlike seconds for four people. And the first tourist. And a second tourist cost 30 thousand and twenty-five thousand and twelve thousand and eight thousand dinars per person respectively. Walking day train or trains as passenger pressure first, starting at 6 pm and the second after an hour or two, the same command of Basra.

Air conditioned vehicles and tv documentaries and amusing cartoon. Hygiene is generally good, courteous train operators, there are policemen in every vehicle. And a private restaurant, preventing passengers from bringing their food although some contrary. And smoking outside designated places, although some offense.

He said that the train saw popular lately. The number of passengers for the trip up and down (Basra-Baghdad) 600-1200 passengers, this number remains modest. Imports range from flight (8-14) million dinars, a 3.5 percent revenue about irregularities. With such resources would be difficult to cover operating and cost buy trains, 12 imported (138 million dollars). Requiring new lines and increasing flights and Quicken up and advanced services, tstgzeb and entice more travelers.

He stressed the importance of more attention to maintenance, development and updating of basic necessities, including employees and stations, locomotives and carriages and rail services and traffic areas, train and passenger protections, etc. Stating that "out of Baghdad took about 35 minutes, but the train stopped the other day at one of the intersections of the capital, stopped traffic for a short period."

And the biggest problem that Abdul Mahdi would prolong the duration of the trip are the same railway employees enroll, they require renovation and maintenance. The slow movement, and many stops, and the fact that the corresponding train waiting times, makes a long and tiring trip does not fit with the novelty of the train and its speed. Having got rid of most of the world of the narrow lines toward the common metric "(143 cm) or (160 cm) and more, which allows access to great speed (200-400 km/h), in addition to special areas, roads, bridges and tunnels, insulated and protected to make free train movement does not impede and punish".

"We told employees about the bizarre phenomenon that must be addressed and are throwing rocks at the train causing broken glass Windows. We were told that at one time offenders were arrested. And if his arrest started interventions, because the offender was the son of one of the officials. Then release the offender and punished, and inventory on the Narrator.