Parliamentary Economy: stop the advances do not mean the bankruptcy of the state 17.09.2016 at 12:54 (Baghdad time)
Special - balances News
The Commission on the economy and investment representative, Saturday, that the cease-advances does not mean that a bankrupt state.
He said committee member Najiba Najib's / balances News / "There are some administrative measures taken by the State from time to time that, this does not mean bankrupt the state," noting that "stop the credit is to hold an administrative regulatory than described bankruptcy because the state has the financial possibilities." .
Najib added that "the situation that occurs to stop lending is a temporary situation," pointing out that "the predecessor state to serve it is working on the development of the Iraqi economy in terms of the state, the hand is a citizen in order to eliminate the need utensils."
Najib and showed that "Credit citizen creates a kind of trust between him and the government, and lending citizens indication that economic activity in the country was not paralyzed."
She said Najib "Previous advances granted were not well thought out, in terms of ensuring payment, according to the terms and instructions that will bring these sums, and therefore, the amounts returned with benefits, and this needs to be precise in how reconstruction funds with the benefits without the pressure on the state and the citizen at One".
She stressed Najib that "the temporary suspension of credit does not necessarily mean lack of financial liquidity, but there are instructions and conditions will be set by the competent authorities in the field of credit and banking committees, and then are released in accordance with the new regulations, in order to ensure that the state get its money and its citizens will be relieved to repay what his trust things easy. "
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