DHI prepares to meet oil Minister to resolve to create the Nassiriyah filter

Saturday 17 September 2016-03:04 pm

Oil and gas Committee in Yahya almsharvaoi Saturday near a local government delegation went to meet the new oil Minister Jabbar to fault to resolve file create the Nassiriyah 300 card filter barrels and unemployed since 2006, noting previous Ministerial constraints challenged actions referred in previous oil licensing rounds.

Almsharvaoi said in a statement to radio Marbad that many foreign companies wishing to work in this project progressed to formally conservative it collide with the Ministry, adding that the oil Ministry indicating technical problems concerning project designs but not resolved those problems over the past years.

He almsharvaoi that the province had completed all the requirements for project creation and allocating land and recorded oil Ministry hopes of meeting her new Minister expected this week or after reaching positive results.

DHI Governor Yahya Naseri called mid last year 2015 Ministry of oil to hasten to transmit the large Nasiriyah refinery capacity 300 thousand barrels and indicating that the assignment procedures the liquidator has not resolved since put to invest in 2006, explaining that the Nasiriyah refinery has entered into five years oil licensing rounds the past filtered studies proved not to economic viability unless attached to the oilfield believes oil quantities involved in production of the refinery.

It is said that a member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Aziz Kadhim Alwan had predicted at the end of March this year 2016 oil Ministry to reach an agreement soon with a number of Russian or American companies to create the Nassiriyah 300 card filter barrels.

The Prime Minister had agreed to declare Qar oil company and change the name of the SOC to Basra oil company early this year to oversee management of oil fields in the province.

Oil reserves are estimated at Qar oil fields more than 20 billion barrels Gharraf fields parcelled and Nasiriyah and Abu column and field poured while the total current output of Nasiriyah towards Gharraf field 170 000 barrels.

Dates Dhi oil production to early 2007 as was the first phase of direct development of the Nasiriyah oil field and primary productivity card b working languages 12, 000 barrels of oil per day.