Deputy: judiciary committees to receive requests for the governed according to Amnesty

2016-09-17 11:23

Special balance news

Detect slim mp Shawqi, Saturday, for the formation of committees by the judicial power to receive requests for the governed under the amnesty law.

Shawki said he is a member of the parliamentary legal/balance of news, "the amnesty law would not be affected by the objections and appeal and is valid especially after befriending the Presidency."

Shawki said, that "the judiciary committees formed to receive requests for the governed to for review", stating that "the formation of these committees come under the amnesty law."

It is said that Parliament voted earlier on the amnesty law, Presidency of the Republic has ratified it.

It is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced a request to Parliament to modify two of the amnesty law.

Article 8 of the General Amnesty and that the contested act legislation now to re-investigate the sentences of convicts with different charges at the detective or who signed under duress or torture and other judicial commissions constitute such