The reform front: we'll take a symbol from the symbols of corruption in future Parliament sessions.

2016-09-17 at 13:24

Baghdad scales news

I returned the reform front, Saturday, that claims the vote not conviction questioned Finance Minister hoshiyar is "legal", noting that the next Parliament sessions will overthrow the corrupt code.

Mansour said to albaaigy front-scales, that "the House of representatives voted not to convinced answers to the Minister of finance, and the next phase will impeach him", stating that "any attempt by the cluster to which it belongs, is obstructing the supervisory work of the Parliament."

Albaaigy added that "the political blocs consensuses phase has ended, any Minister proves its failure in front of the House are enough files will pull him confidence, and displays.

And you just keep the Maven lies in its place for years is not exist in Iraqi political life, as a result of political consensus and the abominable quotas or our connection to who we are. "

He stressed that the "front, insisting their position of no conviction will Finance Minister answers drawer vote on his dismissal through a secret ballot to ensure that deputies to any pressure by plant blocks."

He noted that "the next meeting if the stair paragraph vote on Finance Minister with corruption code through the years."

He explained that "the reform front deputies would work hard and achieve real reform to remove these tokens and finish combinations and sharecropping was destroyed and debilitated the country