DHI direct Announces service work for civil airport of Nasiriyah

2016-09-17 at 14:09

Baghdad scales news

Technical Committee Chairman in Diane, sat, complete preparation of draft statements provide water and electricity services and tiling for civil airport of Nasiriyah after obtaining official approvals by the ministries and departments concerned to proceed during the current week.

Assad said in an interview to the media, that the "MEW agreed to link mobile work station airport will be delivering water line of questions by the Department of water conservation among municipal services will roads and bridges complete paving the main road leading to the airport and a length of 1600 meters.

He said the company was resolved immediately file for the establishment of reception of travellers to the Transport Ministry after the previous objection by the Defense Department.

He pointed out that "the opening of the airport will be the end of the year and not select him by former Transport Minister on 26th of September being due to the incompleteness of all your projects.

Environment Department were Dhi has proclaimed September 14th being complete teams addressing non-remnants of the split in the Civil Defence Department Dhi cleaning operations of civil airport in Nasiriyah, where remnants managed to raise approximately 500 non-projectile split after three months of direct removals.