Anbar: 70% of eligible Fallujah and we will support the investment side

2016/9/17 11:38

[Where - Anbar]

The governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi, said on Saturday that "70% of the city of Fallujah eligible, and that the local government will support the activation of the investment side in the province."

He explained the narrator in a televised interview seen by all of Iraq [where] that "the United Nations and in cooperation with the security forces are doing their best to bring back displaced people to spend Fallujah," pointing out that "the local government will support the return of stability and security to the city, where she will work to rehabilitate Habbaniyah tourist resort in the near time. "

He added that the governor of Anbar province, "the local government supports foreign investment, and will be encouraged by the work that was formed after the board of investment for the province, as well as the presence of large investment and industrial opportunities in the city of Fallujah will qualify to work him and bring him back again."

The commander of operations west of Baghdad, Maj. Gen. Saad told the battleship [where] this morning that "the security forces shortlisted five neighborhoods of Fallujah to return displaced people to it.

And started families of Fallujah, the day to return to their regions after rehabilitation.