Parliamentary legal Amnesty convicted in absentia include:

2016/9/16 15:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said parliamentary legal Committee member, Secretary Baker, that the amnesty law would include convicted in absentia.

Baker said in a statement singled out by agency {Euphrates news}, today, that "whether the accused person sentenced in absentia or down it will include a general amnesty law".

"The amnesty law exceptions that involve crimes of terrorism, crimes affecting national security, and rapes and sodomy, drug trafficking, and abuse of public funds include convicted in absentia.

"If he had been convicted in absentia of crimes exist outside the country, they consist of amnesty law if their crimes didn't remember those exceptions", stating that "all the legal consequences of arrest warrants and charges include".

The House had voted on 25 August last, the amnesty law in full paragraphs.

It is said that the Cabinet approved the draft law of the first amendment to the amnesty law, and referred to the House of representatives based on the provisions of articles 61 item first and 80 item II of the Constitution