Dollar at 1300 Iraqi dinars

2016/9/16 11:10

[Oan- Baghdad]

Recorded foreign currency markets in Iraq, on Friday morning, a slight rise of the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

And amounted to dollar selling prices of banking companies in 1300 dinars to the dollar any 130 000 dinars for one hundred dollars, while the purchase price of the dollar which was 1290 dinars, ie 129 000 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The Central Bank of Iraq, it may face in the 16 of last June to reduce the amount of foreign selling of US dollar currency for those wishing to travel outside the country.

He informed the bank said in a statement approved banks and all money transfer companies, broker for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies all, "the sale of the amount of 3000 dollars instead of 5000 dollars for citizens wishing to obtain a dollar to cover their expenses abroad after the completion of all the required documents under the regulations in force."