Ports announce the start of the export season of Iraqi dates are allocated based in the port of Khor Al - Zubair

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General Company for Ports, which is based in the province of Basra start exporting Iraqi dates announced season, according to an agricultural expert, the dates exporting all type (ascetic), and it's used in the food industries.
The director of the Department of Information and Public Relations in the company Anmar Abdul Moneim net, "The company has taken measures to facilitate Iraq's exporting dates measures with exported to overseas season," noting that "Absolutely foreign naval began the transfer of large quantities of dates (ascetic) through the port of Khor Al-Zubair ".
Net and pointed out that "two pieces cruises Khcbatin currently being loaded shipments of those dates, it is expected the arrival of more ships to navigate more quantities," adding that "most of those pieces transporting cargoes to the UAE."
For his part, Captain agricultural engineers in Basra agricultural expert Alaa al-Badran said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Iraq issued annually amounts to not a few of the (ascetic), because it dates from within the food industry, where the ones made of molasses and vinegar and types of alcohol "explaining that" what traders are encouraged to export it is sold abroad at a better price from the inside, where the per ton price up abroad to three thousand dollars, while at home no more than $ 300. "
Badran pointed out that "Dates (ascetic) are available in Iraq in huge quantities because the cultivation of palm ascetic were common in areas of the Middle Euphrates," adding that "Karbala factories food industry was benefiting from (ascetic), but in light of the weakness of the national food industry, the traders turned to export this kind of dates abroad. "
The province of Basra was, until recently, containing 140 varieties of palm out of 650 varieties in all Iraqi provinces, but palm cultivation has seen over the past three decades has deteriorated significantly, with the number of palm trees from 33 million fell early eighth decade of last century to less than three million during the current stage, and a lot of palm trees and the list is no longer productive age and harmed as a result of repeated wars, and agricultural pests, and the phenomena of drought and salinity of the water, in addition to the heat waves that devastated the agricultural reality in previous years, has been reflected this case negatively on the dates of Commerce, Basra has become so importing provinces of dates with good qualities from Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt after the province was the largest producer and exporter in the world for the finest types of dates, including Albrahi, Hillawi, El Khadraoui, Sayer, Boraim.

The dates ascetic that are exported across the commercial ports are characterized by their quality and cheap price, so it does not come up for sale in local markets, the absence of those who wish to purchase it from the citizens, and constitute Dates ascetic about 70% of dates produced by Iraq, which is classified Dates third degree and amounts to not a few of them are used as animal feed