Anger in Kuwait because of a personal visit glorified Saddam Hussein: Samira Rajab today and tomorrow Raghad Saddam Hussein

A visit will be undertaken by Chancellor at the Royal Court, Samira Rajab, Bahrain to Kuwait political and popular sensation, after the authorities directing her official invitation to visit the country.
Quoted the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Wasat in a statement released on Thursday, it is scheduled to Recep participate in a seminar entitled "Strengthening GCC national identity" in September at the invitation of the National Council for Culture and the Kuwaiti arts, but lawmakers and politicians Kuwaitis demanded the questioning of the Minister of Information to host the Bahraini Chancellor.
On the other hand spread on the Kuwaiti social networking sites Hachtag # Arvd_djul_smirh_rajab_alkwyt, where he became a means of communicating the scene of numerous positions on the upcoming visit, and the transfer of singing for one of the posts in the conference announcing the withdrawal in protest at the presence of Rajab in Kuwait, as others chirp that the visit of Recep Kuwait where disregard for the pain families of victims of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and that he will then receive Raghad Saddam too.
It is noteworthy that the Kuwaitis accused of Samira Rajab Chancellor endorsed the buried Saddam Hussein, who invaded Kuwait in August 1990.