Iraq Central Bank
Central Bank: No category million dollars and we deal
13:42 Long-Presse / Baghdad
It said an informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, that there is no currency of one million dollars a category, and among that this currency is real and may be used to waddle or games, he stressed that a higher currency Bank deals with are a class of ($ 100).
The source said in an interview (Amdy Press), said that "the trading day in the Iraqi market and among the citizens of the existence of a class coin (one million dollars), is not true and there is no such a category," he said, "that category may be for the purposes of Strutting ( gift), or used for the Games. "
The source, who not to be named, said, "The Central Bank does not deal with that group, and that the highest category in the dollar coin is ($ 100), so the Central Bank does not deal with that category one million dollars because that does not exist."
And circulation of citizens and the Iraqi market news for the currency of the category million people exchanged presence as part of a new currency will be worked out in the country.