An invitation to move towards mourning nations to aid the displaced

2016/9/15 22:50

[Where - Exclusive]

Committee called for Displacement and Migration in Parliament on Thursday, the government, to move toward donor nations to aid the displaced and to provide them with assistance.

Committee Chairman Raad Aldhlki "The assistance provided by the State mourning, civil society organizations and humanitarian organizations are shy in front of the suffering of the displaced people," pointing out that "the mourning states waiting for action from the executive branch and ask the suffering of the displaced people in the international fora."

He added that "the executive branch into account the default toward these citizens, which reflected negatively on the provision of support to them," adding that "the money to be allocated to civil society organizations and relief proportion of them are taken to the administration, which affects the level of support for the displaced," he said. " the growing number of displaced. "

"The Committee of Displacement and Migration proceeded to refer to a group of files of corruption that marred the process of providing assistance to the displaced to the Board of integrity to stand on the corruption that took place in this file, and there are other files will be forwarded in the near time."

Iraq has seen during the fall of the city of Mosul in June 2014 the biggest exodus in its history after the control of the terrorist gangs Daesh on a group of land led to the exit of civilians from their areas because of the criminal Daesh liberalization areas and military operations approach.