International coalition to destroy the leadership of Daesh sites in different areas

2016/9/15 20:24

[Where - Baghdad]

Airline destroyed the international coalition, on Thursday, positions and command centers belonging to the terrorist gangs Daesh in different areas.

The media war cell in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that "coalition aircraft carried out nine air strikes in the north-west of Qayyarah area resulted in the destruction of the [bulldozer -6 supply lines, while Tvz fly two air strikes in the ship area resulted the destruction of the leadership of the two places. "

He said he "was performed 14 air strike in the Nasser resulted in the area for the murder / 4 terrorists and destroyed three mortar rounds at the wheel and the location of a sniper and four missile launchers and my anti gathering line supply, and air strike in the village area Botme resulted in the destruction [mortar - rocket - rocket launcher] ".

"The airline carried out six air strikes in the knife resulted in the area for the destruction of [Trkir- lift truck combat outpost -], in the face of an air strike in the Qaim area that killed 2 1 terrorist and destroy [building] has also been an air strike by coalition aircraft targeted Daesh terrorist boats in the Tigris River, which led to the destruction of [25] boats against the village Shuttle - Olahud. "