America provides humanitarian assistance to Iraq worth $ 181 million with the imminent release of Mosul
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United States said on Wednesday it would give Iraq a humanitarian aid worth $ 181 million unexpected wave of displaced people when Chen Iraqi forces , a campaign to restore the northern city of Mosul Daesh.
The attack around Mosul - the largest city controlled by the militant group - could begin next month.
He said Anthony Blinken , deputy US secretary of state, told reporters in Baghdad that "Daesh position here in Iraq runaway and helpless increasingly urgent work before us is the completion of that endeavor, of course, Mosul is the mission larger for Iraq and for us. "
He added Blinken , who is visiting Baghdad to discuss the planning of an attack Mosul with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and Iraqi officials and other money will be used for the process of storing and coordinate food relief and emergency supplies. the
UN expects that up to one million people could flee from their homes in Mosul , the capital the actual organization of the Islamic state in Iraq. Critics say the preparations humanitarian and political consequences of not keeping the military gains.
Additional assistance raises to more than one billion dollars the total US humanitarian assistance since 2014 when he began US - led coalition bombed targets of the State Islamic in Iraq and neighboring Syria and also to provide training and advice to Iraqi security forces.
And no clear plan yet on how to conduct Mosul administration would be restored or how the pro-government forces will be stationed to avoid exacerbating ethnic and sectarian tensions in the multi - ethnic region and communities.
he said Blinken said Daesh lost half of Iraq 's territory seized in 2014 when the army and police forces dropped their weapons and fled despite billions of dollars of aid from Washington since the invasion , the US - led invasion in 2003 that toppled Saddam Hussein.
He added that the Mosul attack will not be easy and that the timing is up to the Iraqis. Iraqi commanders indicated that the process could begin in late October.
It is expected that Blenkn Erbil visit on Thursday to meet with the Kurdistan Regional Government , leaders of the semi - autonomous , which is expected to share his forces Peshmerga in Mosul campaign.