Agriculture carrying government agencies responsible for entering restricted the import of vegetables.

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The Ministry of agriculture blamed the Government agencies responsible for entering the vegetables already briefed her to prevent imported, indicating that it would address the Cabinet need to take اجراءته towards it.

He said Undersecretary Ghazi slavery in modern economics "news", the Ministry's plans over the past two years has been successful through the number of vegetables to be self-sufficient and covered the Iraqi market, argued over the precise statistics and studies submitted to the Ministry by the commissions which formed for the purpose above.

He added that after the success of slavish back Ministry list a number of vegetables (12) and circulated to stakeholders need with imported because local product of those types would fill a market need.

Bonded continued we surprised by the presence today of those types are prohibited from import exist in the market and sold openly even though block, blaming government agencies responsible for entry.

Bonded stressed that the Ministry will address the Cabinet need to stand to do the case and which Tehran because it hurts the economy of Iraq, especially in the agricultural sector.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced earlier September, prevented import option, to support the local product, noting that BTI power Cabinet open or stop importing crops.