Parliamentary Finance: five years leave the decision to the executive and not interfere with it to parliament

2016/9/14 23:32

[Where - Exclusive]

Said the member of the parliamentary finance committee, on Wednesday, that "vacation five years to staff the decision for the executive branch is not entitled to the House of Representatives to intervene unless the Agencies form of law."

Said Ahmed Sarhan told all of Iraq [where] that "vacation five years, the issue of belonging to the executive branch, and can not challenge it unless Bhaoh up law because the decision on the status quo of the powers of the executive branch."

He noted that "the House of Representatives will discuss the matter if the arrival of its own law," pointing out that "the holiday is optional, not mandatory."

The Cabinet, voted in its regular on the sixth of September of this, the "grant project employee unusual vacation long the law, after Dqgah the State Council, and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 61 item first and 80 the second clause of the Constitution." .

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that "The granting of the license for employees in government departments leave for a five-year salary My whole would be voluntary and not compulsory is to ease the pressure on staff and functional scores on the state and there are staff want to leave and now we have opened the door to them for that," adding that "the holiday It would be calculated for the purposes of his retirement by discounting the benefits of it. "