America settled the starting point of the process of Mosul
Wednesday 14-09-2016
| 2:14:06
Twilight News / General Jeffrey Haringian air force commander in the Central Command announced that Washington intends to use Qayyarah air base in the province of Nineveh, for the start of air strikes hit targets Daesh in Iraq.

He revealed Harrigan that the US air force to begin using Qayyarah base in the implementation of its strikes against the terrorist organization, "as soon as the Iraqi security forces are ready to begin operations in Mosul (the stronghold of President for the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq was dominated by the summer of 2014), we will be Mthaian for their support and will be the air base ready" .

And continuing preparations for Iraqi forces backed by coalition aircraft, launch an attack to regain the city of Mosul, which is controlled by the organization of the Islamic state since 2014, and is the main stronghold of the last of the organization in Iraq.

Receded and the influence of the terrorist organization in Iraq after dominating the third of the country about two years ago. Baghdad says it will defeat organized throughout Iraq by the end of this year, especially in Mosul.