International Coalition destroys eight supply lines to Daesh and killed 13 of them in the northern sector

2016/9/14 20:21

[Where - Baghdad]

Airline destroyed the international coalition, on Wednesday, eight supply lines belonging to the elements Daesh terrorist gangs, as well as twist L13 of them in air strikes in the northern sector of military operations.

The media war cell in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The Flight of the international coalition carried out 20 sorties within the northern sector, where it had carried out 11 North Qayyarah air strike resulted in the destruction of the [wheel armored - wheel four-wheel drive - 8 line supplies - 5 -5 missile rocket launcher.

He said he "carried out two air strikes in Alahud area resulted in the destruction of the five command posts and control, and two air strikes in the Tall Afar area that killed four and destroying entrances spending and the location of combat, as well as five air strikes in Khorsabad area that killed nine terrorists and the destruction of four gathering places ".