Governor of Najaf: نسعی till Semnan County Cultural of Commerce relations with Iran

2016/09/14 19:55

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

الیاسري, Governor Najaf Najaf Luay تسعی cultural والاقتصادیه of Commerce relations till currently with Semnan province of Iran.

Yassiri said at a press conference held today Wednesday in Semnan مدینه impact زیارته to maintain and meet the Governor of Semnan mohammadreza Baker saying "Najaf تجاریه relations جیده Semnan County Cultural وتسعی with these relationships to desirable balance الاقتصادی more فاکثر."

Referring to "lose it for a number of industrial units in Semnan province والانتاجیه saying he plans to use the Najaf Governorate of Al-Semnan County achievements."

"Due to یقام in Najaf province has capacity exhibition enjoyed by الانتاجیه units in Semnan province.

He الیاسری till "plans to receive visitors in her forties Imam Hussain (as)" مشیرا "till یتوافد الاربعین expected to visit this year about 1.5 g of Iran alone.

اکد of Semnan province Mohammad Reza Baker during the meeting, Ali اهمیه for collaboration between nayaf wesmnan stressing the necessity of development of economic and trade cooperation between الجانبین. "