Iraq receives five helicopters in accordance with a deal with Russia

2016/9/14 17:06

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} five helicopters landed Iraq obtained in accordance with a deal with Russia, at a military base where American advisers and troops of the international coalition against terrorism, in preparation for the decisive battles to eliminate organized "ISIS".

Sputnik Agency quoted Russian security source that "Russian military helicopter five aircraft arrived at this air base in Al-Baghdadi area into Western hīt West Anbar, Tuesday.

The source added that "helicopters arrived in military preparations for liberating the rest of Anbar from the control of the terrorist organization" ISIS "dominated for over two years.

Lion's eye base is the headquarters for the American forces and American advisers and Marines of the United States-led international coalition.

It is worth mentioning that Iraq got a group of Russian military helicopters in accordance with contracts concluded with arming Russia earlier, to support Iraqi forces in the war on terror and rout out of the country.