More than 600 German troops to lay siege weapons Daesh on average

2016/9/14 16:10

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Gave the German government, on Wednesday, the green light to send about 650 troops to participate in NATO, "NATO" mission to combat the smuggling organization Daesh terrorist weapon in the Mediterranean.

Germany will continue to participate in the NATO operation "marine guard" until the end of 2017, and in an emergency it is possible to increase the number of German troops participating in the operation temporarily.

The deployment of troops as part of a larger move by Berlin to expand its military role in Europe and NATO.

Expanded defense minister and apostle von der Yin to modernize the equipment and enhance the levels of the soldiers in the armed forces after years of decline.

Member States agreed on the alliance to launch a new naval mission at a summit in Poland last July.

German ships are involved in the military mission of the European Union under the name "Sofia" to fight the smuggling of arms and people off the Libyan coast.